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A space to strengthen personal and collective care through mindfulness

Our mission is to bring closer the principles and practice of mindfulness and yoga to promote peace, well-being and freedom. 

Through classes, workshops and dialogue we invite people to experience gentle movement, breathing exercises, meditation, and reflections around mindfulness and self-care. We trust in the capacity of each person and group to find what works better for them.

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For people, collectives or companies that want to have personalized sessions or workshops. They can be an hour or more long and can be done virtually. Schedule a free 15-minute call if you have questions or if you want to learn more about this option.

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Online Workshops

A space that invites people to learn about mindfulness and its benefits while learning different concepts and techniques. Learn more about these live workshops that you can join virtually from any location.

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Online Classes

Recorded classes that include the necessary guidelines to navigate the learning content at your own pace. The courses include videos and audios that you can access at any time from any location.

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Who am I?

Susana is a mindfulness and yoga instructor from Bogotá, Colombia who currently lives in Oakland, California. Susana has been offering classes since 2015 to a variety of groups. Susana remembers finding in mindfulness and yoga a practice to support her youth and the transition to a new country. As a first-generation immigrant and advocate for justice, she hopes to positively impact the lives of people and the planet through movement, reflection, compassionate care and breathing.

Why flow?

Flow is a word that has several meanings, and the one we want to highlight is the ability to consciously flow with each moment. The state of flow implies being focused on the process and not the result. As the phrase goes, “We cannot control the waves but we can learn how to surf them.”

Mindfulness is our capacity to learn more about ourselves and our true nature. With this perspective we can flow with more awareness and ease in different situations of our lives. Is in this way, that we can cultivate resilience for our own good and for everyone around us.


  • We promote individual and collective care through mindfulness, self-reflection, creativity and nature.
  • We are confident in the importance of taking care of our mental and physical health to cultivate healthier lifestyles and communities.
  • We recognize the ability of each person and community to identify and apply the tools that best support their well-being.

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