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Mindfulness and yoga instructor

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What does mindfulness mean?

The word mindfulness translated into Spanish means full or full mind. Mind = mente, fullness = plenitud or llenura. In Spanish this concept is known in various ways as mindfulness or conciencia plena, and is a term that was introduced by Jon Kabat-Zinn (1990) in the United States to define the meditative practice where consciousness is exercised by paying attention to the experience, without judging it. Mindfulness is a basic, human capacity for connection to the present.
What is it good for?
This practice has several benefits that are still being studied. Studies and testimonies have shown several benefits that people present by having a regular practice. Among the best known benefits are better stress management, recognizing and changing habits that foster well-being, better understanding of emotions and reactions, improving attention and sleep. Each person experiences different benefits and it is with a personal and constant practice that substantial changes can be seen.
Who can practice mindfulness?
Anyone can practice mindfulness. Since mindfulness uses different techniques and exercises to remind yourself to be in the present moment, anyone can learn about the fundamentals of mindfulness and put them into practice in the way that suits their lifestyle. In this space we offer a wide variety of alternatives for people to find what works best for them. The most important qualities that we recommend people to have are interest and persistence. It is with a regular practice that you really see changes and benefits in the long term.
What do I need?
You really don’t need much to practice mindfulness. We recommend finding a place where people feel safe, comfortable and where they can take a break without distractions (if possible). These practices can be from 3 minutes long to 60 minutes long or more. It is each person’s responsibility to ensure that they do the exercises that best accommodate their current health or needs. The intention is to explore concepts, exercises and offer recommendations and a community to everyone interested in mindfulness.